Earthing is a gift from nature.

I believe in Earthing! If we take time to plant our bare feet firmly on the grass, allow the energies of the earth to flow into us. Grounding us, and yet energizing us at the same time, for greater goodness which is the true essence of what life is.

The essence of the earth & life is LOVE & clarity to feel that freely. I think we are to FEEL everything without masking it. When we have pain in our lives, and I am talking about emotional pain as well as physical, we tend to pay attention and learn the lessons. I guess one can choose to ignore it or cover it up with substances. We all seem so broken at times, that we choose to rely on quick fixes of numbing the pain rather than allowing ourselves to grow from it.

Mother Nature is the wisest of all…the earth grows and gives in love. Look around to see what she has provided for us. Flowers, trees, river, oceans, filled with so many gifts. I believe that we are to follow that guidance and feel her energy in ourselves.

A slightly different tint.

I have found a kind of serenity, a new maturity… I don’t feel better or stronger than anyone else but it seemed no longer important whether everyone loves me or not–it just seems important now, for me to love them, because I no longer feel a need to  change that. It’s like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different from you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. The rose-colored glasses may have a slightly different tint at this point, and for me, living still becomes the art of giving, for each of us matter in this universal masterpiece we call life.

Serenity Music ~ Building a tradition!

I sit here alone with the energy of Serenity surrounding me. I feel the knowing again in my soul, that this creation of light and love will continue even through the absence of huge numbers in any form. I seem to always get “signs”..yes..,which some might think is weird or quirky, but I believe the universe is big enough and intelligent enough to provide them for me.. if I am paying attention. And, I every detail!

The signs come through the music at times…today, a wonderful song by Mark Kano says it all:

” It’s too late for the giving up and
Too much is never enough when
All there is, is love, love, love
It’s too soon for the letting go and
We can’t lose everything that we know when
All there is, is love, love, love………… ”

It IS all about LOVE! Serenity is changing…or perhaps it is me that is changing…and yes, it is far too late for giving up.

I have discovered so many extraordinary artists like; WINDBORN, Devon Coyote, Ray Tarantino, Cod Gone Wild, Benny Walker, Tom Richardson, . So, if I had not decided to host music here I would never have met these genuinely amazing people, and that is just a few of many. The struggle of getting people out to live music weighs upon me so heavy at times, mostly because these amazing musicians, that we have the honour to call part of our Serenity family now, that caliber of talent, deserve to be heard by the masses ….LIVE! The true energy and spirit of MUSIC!

I thought it sad that we didn’t have huge numbers. I now realize that the people who only hear “white noise” & are apathetic to all this wonderful LIVE music we offer…. are not the Serenity audience. I now realize, that we are building an audience, no…..a community, of true music lover’s. People that FEEL & HEAR it! Allow the music to enter their cells and be changed by all the goodness of each note. This place is and will be a place of “Tradition”, for those that wish to come and share it with us & build relationships, time and time again. We are still searching for those people and I know they are out there and will fill the rolling spaces of Serenity with heart only. Are YOU going to be part of it?

There is no road to riches doing this music thing contrary to what a few others think, (more on that another time for we try not to have any negativity within the realms of Serenity Music),…it is purely for the love of meeting people who I get to build new wonderful relationships with.  Monetarily, in the end, if I get a new roof on my house so it doesn’t leak and a ride on lawn mower..I will be a very happy venue owner.

Serenity Sunshine to you all!


Alone with rose colored glasses!

I have been on my own for almost 10 years now. Someone said to me yesterday, “well I’m not waiting 10 years.” I thought about that a lot last night…….

I think in the beginning, after Sam died, I was waiting… The way we are raised there is always to be a man, the caretaker, in the picture.  I can honestly say that I haven’t gone to that place for a long time..I can’t remember the last time the though “I’m waiting for THE guy”, came to me. Oh, trust me…I’ve had all kinds of advice and some people even think there is something wrong with me because I’m still “single”. And yes, I will actually say it, I can outwork any guy that has shown up in the last 10 years…looking for a free ride!

Funny how men can be on their own and it’s not questioned, but a woman, oh…there definitely got to be something wrong with her. I’ve been told..your old now.., at 54, well, I would think that makes me a hell of a lot wiser…NOT old. It’s been a pretty cool journey so far and a very wise friend said to me, “You are not dead yet…so it’s OK”!! That statement…puts everything into perspective.

What I do know for sure, after speculating on this and searching my heart for the truth, is that Serenity Music would not exist. If there had been someone else to consider in my life, things would look totally different from they do now. The love that I had and lost was wonderful…not perfect in any way, shape, or form…but it was the way I loved him…and his way of believing in me more than I believed in myself..with absoutely no expectation and times of endless laughter…..that is what makes me never want to settle for anything less.

Being on my own has given me the time and opportunity to focus all my efforts on making this venue a reality, which now in turn affect hundred’s of people…friends ~ old & new, musicians, artists ~painters, sculptors and so many others. Sharing this magic that has been and is being created here at Serenity Performing Arts Centre, fills me so full, that I never feel alone. It may be those rose colored glasses again…but the view is pretty darn awesome!



Our own tapestry of life.

It has been said, that we are the authors of the our own story. Each of us gets to create all the illustrations that go into the story. No one else could possibly capture each image the way it is meant to be painted by ourselves. With that paint brush of the mind and the pen of experiences, we create the emotion, the hurt & pain, the magic, the extraordinary…our journey, our story!

We should never allow anyone else take up our paint brush or pen, for it would not be our truth. When someone want us to change or live differently, they have expectation of what they want your life to be, for them. That story is theirs.

We hold the book of painting and print of our own lives, we write our story, we live our own tapestry of life..woven with the intentions of our destiny. That, even with all the pain, heartaches, joyous moments, is a truly beautiful masterpiece.


My Epiphany

I am so grateful to know that I am on the right path. Paying attention to all the sign posts & neon lights in my life is bringing more to me everyday. More, as in awareness of what I truly want for myself. It’s an epiphany of overwhelming emotion…mostly because it has all always been there in my heart. Just never had it clear in my mind until recently but I think I have been living it all along.

My Epiphany: Goodness in my surroundings that I can share. Realize my personal truth so I can help others live theirs. Living my life with integrity better and bigger than ever before.. that is what I want for myself and just realized that is what I have always wanted for myself.

I guess we get lost sometimes, grasping at what we THINK we want…feeling desperate, despair, instead of accepting what we really need. Grasping in desperation for things is not our is our fear, of not being loved, feeling lonely…lost.

The world/universe is waiting for us to LIVE..every moment of every day with a pure intent in our hearts to everything and attached to nothing. Then the love and goodness that we are meant to have in our lives ….will be there…always.